13 September 2016
colombe artigianali Giotto

On the wings of freedom

It breathes Easter atmosphere in Giotto Pastry: we started the production of Easter cake, as we do ourselves. Selected natural ingredients, a traditional recipe passed down by experienced masters, craftsmanship, long sourdough and commitment of our prisoners confectioners, to ensure that it is a special dove.

The result is a sweet from mixing soft and balanced taste, it made irresistible by a greedy rich icing and almond, and its chocolate variants, without candied fruits, peach and apricot, berry, and the novelty of this’ year, a dove with Mediterranean flavors, tangerine, with candied orange and lemon and paste Ciaculli late mandarin.

Not only doves, however, is turning out inside the prison workshop “Two Palaces” in Padova, but also Venetian: classic, chocolate and berries, the typical Venetian cakes of ancient tradition and poor origins, born to celebrate Easter enriched with eggs, butter and sugar dough used at home every day to make bread.

The reassuring embrace of butter.

The character of the eggs.

The intense aromatic notes of almond.

The scent of candied orange.

Close your eyes.

Do intoxicated.

Discover all our craft Easter doves

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