3 November 2016
Matteo Renzi Pasticceria Giotto

Matteo Renzi guest in Pastry

A day to remember in the history of Giotto pastry, that on October 28 of 2016 welcomed in its production workshops Matteo Renzi and other distinguished guests.


For the first time as prime minister in jail, Matteo Renzi was welcomed by the prefect Patrizia Company and has passed through the gates along with the Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando, undersecretaries Justice Gennaro Migliore, Cosimo Ferri and Federica Chiavaroli, the Head of Department prison Administration of the Ministry of Justice Consolo Saints, the superintendent of prisons Triveneto Enrico Sbriglia and the director of the prison house Two Palaces Ottavio Casarano.


Accompanied by the president of Workshop Giotto Nicola Boscoletto, the prime minister has found our laboratories in full Vigil activities: surrounded by the smell of freshly baked croissants, butter biscuits and sugar of nougat and nougat, expressed great appreciation for our production more He noted: “i know him well your panettone – he said – i eat it every Christmas,” while expressing the wish that the sweet of Padua prison for the future are present to official receptions organized by the Council Presidency.


He is having exchanged a handshake and a look with each of our masters and confectioners held Matteo Renzi, who in less institutional garments we had already met on other occasions such as Taste of Pitti Immagine, the fair dedicated to excellence of taste which takes place every year at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, then continued his visit to the other working of Giotto’s workshop within the Padua prison, dealing with guys who work at the call center, the assembly of suitcases, the digitization laboratory and sticks for the digital signature, and the drafting of Ristretti horizons.


Before leaving, a time of great humanity, and hope, with Mustapha, a young inmate from Morocco, who asked for an autograph for his son. “How old is he? Goes to school? “- He asked the Prime Minister, then dedicating a personal message:” Hello Zaccaria, please, we are counting on you. Matteo Renzi. “


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