Saint Anthony's Sweet

The recovery of historical news of the Middle Ages, long testing on ingredients andthe era recipes are the basis of these sweets from ancient and refined flavors.

Historical News from the Middle Ages

To create the Sant'Antony Sweets, we studied the dietary and social customs, recipes and ingredients available in the Middle Ages. The result is a line of precious sweets, from the important historical value and ancient and refined flavors.

La Noce del Santo

In this cake we wanted to express the social tensions of the fourteenth century, combining the ingredients of the old power model based on the collection, such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, with those of the new one based on the intensive exploitation of fields, such as wholemeal wheat.

I dolci di Antonio

Nasce così, in collaborazione con i frati della Basilica del Santo, la linea dei Dolci di Antonio, che ci ha portato il premio dall’Accademia Italiana della Cucina per il nostro impegno nella valorizzazione dei prodotti italiani di alta qualità e nel recupero della tradizione gastronomica del nostro paese.

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