High Quality

Looking for words to tell about us to others it is the concept of craftsmanship that we feel closer. Our laboratories are the heart of a pastry unconventional: a simple place where the sweets are products of recluse people that target the tension to an absolute quality.

The pastry chefs

Every day our pastry chefs teach 25 students detained gestures, timing and ethics art that, maturing slowly favors a journey of change and becomes a real possibility for the future.

The students

The work of our guys restores their dignity and sense of life, going through the comparison with the masters as an opportunity for growth and enhancing the commitment of the individual as a secret of teamwork.

The ingredients

The selected raw materials, the long natural leavening, careful study of recipes, the manual processing as much as possible, together with a passion for life are our specialty ingredients.

The Pastry

The secret of our panettone? The overall working of 72 hours in a soft and fragrant dough balanced taste. A drive for excellence combined with a social project that fills the heart.

The prizes

Our commitment has led us in the years to receive awards and quality awards from juries of industry, and to be able to count among our special taste connoisseurs like those of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.