15 March 2015
Pasticceria Giotto TASTE

Easter stories

It has just ended a busy week for us Pastry Giotto. Days of kilometers in the car and doves to be cut, but also looks to cross, stories to tell and perfumes to breathe.

From 6 to 8 March we were to Identity Greedy

The kitchen international congress organized by Paolo Marchi, which was held at MiCo Milan. It was the first time for us, in a context which we felt really great. Arrived on tiptoe, silently, we met old and new friends, received positive feedback on the work we are doing, and heard the words of the great masters. Let us quote back many ideas, study ideas and plans for the future.

Back at the prison, controlled yeast and found that the Easter eggs made by our kids to be perfect and shiny, between 12 and 14 March we moved to the Taste, the Leopolda Station in Florence, where we feel now just like home . If our first participation in the exhibition dedicated to the taste of excellence created in collaboration with Davide Paolini, in fact, took place in 2011, already in 2012 the organizers of Pitti Image wanted to organize the introductory press conference at its manifestation in prison in Padua, sign an estimate to us that has transformed over time into an intense relationship of affection.

What we have recounted in Florence?

Our craftsmanship: that of traditional Venetian and all doves, from classical to chocolate, through the variations without candy, wild berry and our new this year, the dove to the mandarin, who a great success in the audience of insiders and the simply curious.

A leavened soft intense aroma.

Candied orange and lemon and paste late mandarin, to develop the flavors.

A dessert that will warm your palate with its Mediterranean heat.

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