10 December 2015
Pasticceria Giotto Campione del Mondo

a day in the prison bakery for the world pastry champions 2015

Unforgettable day for the confectioner inmates of the Padua prison to Wednesday, December 9. A pay a visit to Giotto Pastry were Francesco Boccia and Fabrizio Donatone , two of the three world champions with Emanuele Pitchfork in February this year have ensured Italy, after 18 years of fasting, Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, the most prestigious international competitions in the industry. The competition was held in France, in Lyon and provided 10-hour race, with 21 teams from many countries each formed by a pastry chef, a maitre chocolatier and a glacier (ice artist in processing).

The two samples have intervened through Agrimontana , pastry supplier of the prison, Piedmontese company known for its quality products such as brown, candied fruit and jam. Agrimontana were present for the responsible trade market Veronica Rossi, the Area Manager for the Northeast Carlo Andreatta and the agent for the area of Padua and Vicenza Fabiola De Pretto. Piedmont collaborated with the company the Team Massari , created by the famous pastry chef Iginio, academy founder of the Italian Master Confectioners, and home Domori , chocolate manufacturer high quality with which the cakes were made.

The day began with a brief visit to the prison operations – including call centers, suitcases assembly, building bicycles – then the 28 pastry chefs and the five master craftsmen split into two groups to achieve some delicacies: Kremlin pistachio, praline Kremlin, Trilogy (snacks hazelnut and candied orange), the caramel toffee Shortbread noisette with cocoa and hazelnuts, caramel and toffee Bavarian to clear hazelnut gianduja of Monoportions noire and a tart cremino.

All together – pastry chefs, masters and champions – then met for lunch, where detainees were briefly introduced themselves and told their curriculum in pastry. “We are proud to be here,” said Francesco Boccia, “we were impressed by the great quality of your equipment, the techniques that you have matured, but most of your passion . It is a pleasure and an honor to contribute to this educational activity. It’s a great opportunity that you ended, something precious. ”

“I say this sincerely, I was better here than in other confectioneries, not often that the trainings that we hold there is such attention to every word of trainers,” echoed Donatone. “So now we have forgotten that we are in a prison. And on the other hand for me when one wearing the white jacket is a colleague. I was amazed at the way in which you organize your work, The Italian pastry needs reality like yours and I confess that not all the workshops that I visited were so well organized. ”

After lunch the video of the world championships in Lyon was screened and then you have moved back to the laboratory for the finishing touches, the final tasting and group shots. “To have with us Francesco and Fabrizio for all pastry guys was an incredible opportunity, they were all very excited and careful,” says Hot Matteo Florean, director of the prison bakery , “we do not only seen at work two great masters, but thanks to their availability, humility and desire to get involved more we understand what it means to work as a team. These are meetings that they grow and mature. It was also nice to have with us representatives of Agrimontana because interact with the best companies focus on quality means. For external pastry is easier, here however it would be impossible without people who agree to get involved with the prison world. Not everyone, for this we are grateful for the opportunity they offered us. ”

“For us, the prison bakery was just a customer, perhaps a bit ‘special, but to which we rapportavamo as suppliers,” said Veronica Rossi at the end of Agrimontana, “but after the day today many things change , it was realized a unit of forces that is precious to us. We willingly made available these two outstanding trainers, but we were amply rewarded by the experiences of these young people who have not only shown their professionalism, but also opened their hearts and showed how important the desire to change the life of a person. Definitely today we are no longer strangers. ”

Two words about the protagonists of the day. Fabrizio Donatone in 2004 was gold medalist and national champion of artistic pastry to Italian International of Massa Carrara; gold medal at the Trofeo Montecatini Terme, in the sugar category; silver medal at the Olympics in Erfurt (Germany) in the sugar category. In 2005 he received the gold medal and the special prize for the best piece of sugar at Artistic 2005 in Rimini. In the following year he won the Italian National Selection for the Pastry World Cup in the sugar category, along with Fabrizio Galla and Angelo Masso. In his first attempt in 2007 to the World Pastry Cup, Lyon, along with Fabrizio Galla and Angelo Masso, he earned the bronze medal, winning the special press prize for Best Chocolate Cake. In 2015 he won the Coupe du Monde in Lyon with Emmanuel Pitchfork and Francesco Boccia.

Equally amazing career Francesco Boccia . He is ranked first in Italian Championship Junior Pastry in 2009, selection “Challenge of Barletta” and then to Napoli national selection of Italian Chocolate Championship in 2010. In the following year was second in the same league, while in 2012 he won the Italian Championship pastry Senior 2012 valid as selection for the Coupe du Monde de la patisserie 2013. in Lyon in 2013 obtained a bronze medal, but is just a taste of the 2015 triumph with Fabrizio Donatone and Emanuele Pitchfork.

View photos of the day here

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