A true Story

The Padua Prison Bakery, in a laboratory that is both job and school life, work within the House of Imprisonment Two Palaces since 2005. Since then, many meetings, visits and events have made us feel l ' affection of the institutions, the public and the industry critic, and the everyday life of a real job gives us the ability to change, every day, together.


the beginning


At the Meeting of Rimini serves a real pastry production workshop and the exhibition ``He seeks liberty which is so dear. Ensuring redeem ``, realized in collaboration with the cooperative, it counts 60 thousand visits in a week.


February 24, starts from the prison house Two Palaces of Padua the introductory press conference at Taste, the Florentine food and wine festival of Pitti Immagine guided by Davide Paolini.


In August, we are present at Expo Italy together with Coldiretti of Padua with the initiative ``No farmers no party``, to present the new ice cream and ice cream our respectful of nature, the seasons and the land.